5 Ways to get Support for Tahoe-II and Meridian

Here are the best ways to get answers to questions about our products:

  1. FAQ.  Check out our just added Frequently Asked Questions section.
  2. Forums.  Search the forums to find answers or sign up and post a question.  You are also very welcome to answer questions!  We will have more about opportunities to join our support team in a future post.
  3. Check the Help File.  The SDK comes with a help file that integrates into Visual Studio.  The reference section covers all Meridian and Tahoe specific functions.
  4. Check the downloads page for new SDK or firmware releases.  We may have fixed the issue you are struggling with.
  5. Premium Support.  We do our best to answer simple questions on the forum, however issues that need engineering time need to go through our paid support channel.

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