System on Module (SoM) solutions are great for many projects, but sometimes there are other factors that require a chip-level design. For these projects, licensing an existing design will bring the advantages of a module and keep the end unit cost low.

Product licencing

Licensing a Design

Why you should consider Licensing a System on Module Design

System on Module (SoM) solutions are great for many projects, but sometimes there are other factors that require a chip-level design. For these projects, licensing an existing design will bring the advantages of a module and keep the end unit cost low.

Licensing an existing design enables you to…

〉Build our module design at your factory or

    Contract Manufacturer

〉Incorporate the design into a single board

〉Modify it to suit your unique requirements


Gain Complete Control of your Product Design
For customers with compliance requirements, you have control over every component that goes into your product. Changes can be made on your timetable. You are also not tied to the module vendor as a single source, providing supply security.
Access to the Features required by your product
For space constrained designs, a module solution may not physically fit. A Design License allows you to modify the layout, or create a custom board. You can also customize the features required, optimising the design for cost, or bringing out a unique chip feature that is not supported on other modules.
Get the lowest product cost
Some designs cannot support the higher cost structure of a SoM. A Design License removes this cost as you are buying the components. Incorporating the design into a single board can reduce manufacturing costs further.

Licensing options

1. Royalty Free

Pay a one-time fee. This is ideal for customers doing volumes of 5kpcs/year or more. The cost is less than 6 months of engineering and the product BOM cost is low from day one.

Terms are 50% when files received and 50% after 6 months.

2. Capped Royalty

The capped royalty option is best for customers with lower volumes and those expecting a slow ramp of their product. Up-front design costs are reduced and design time is shortened. The one-time fee is always an option to save cost when volumes ramp up.There is an initial purchase of 500 units and a cap of 10k total units


What do I get?

We supply Schematics, BOM, PCB Layout and other manufacturing files for the chosen design.

How do I get started?

1. Start with a development kit and evaluate the product.
    Get one directly from us, or talk to one of our distributors

2. Product documentation is online here, including schematics for the development kit.

3. Talk to us and your distributor about how our design will meet the needs of your product and the options for completing your product using our license options.

What support is provided?

  • 40 hours of hardware engineering support is provided with each license. This can be used for any hardware      questions, issues or reviews during product development. Additional paid support is available through Device Solutions or our Design Partners.
  • Software support is available from our 3rd party partners depending on the Operating System you are using.

Can I change the design?

Yes, you can alter the design to suit your needs.   Typical customers either:
  •  Build the module as-is, or
  •  Incorporate it into a single board

Can Device Solutions change the design for me?

Yes. We can add or remove features, change interface connectors or do a custom layout to meet your requirements – either reducing the number of layers or changing the board shape. Costs depend on the amount of work involved and prototype requirements. 

How do I create a single-board design?

We have design house partners who can do this, or your complete product design.