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About Device Solutions

Established in 2008, the mission of Device Solutions is to help companies shorten the design cycle for their electronic products. As product complexity grows, engineers find it increasingly difficult to maintain the deep level of knowledge required to design all aspects of a new product.  

We believe engineers should focus on the unique aspects of the products they design, and not on common design elements like the processor and memory. Device Solutions provides System-on-Module (SoM) designs which combine powerful system-on-chip devices from NXP (formerly Freescale) with memory and power supply components.  This reduces product design complexity, which in turn reduces the design budget and removes considerable risk from a project. Our ‘focus on your strengths’ philosophy is used internally. 

We have a core team with deep experience in hardware engineering, software engineering and manufacturing but we work with other experts for Operating System support on our products. Our headquarters is in New Zealand and we have operations and support partners in Asia, Europe and North America.