VS2010 Support coming for the .NET Micro Framework

Microsoft have announced plans for v4.1 of the .NET Micro Framework! 

We are working on a version 4.1 release that includes (pending any last minute contributions):

  • – VS 2010 support
  • – The Hashtable proposed on the netmf.com discussion and contributed by Ed Harlow
  • – Open Source TCP/IP and SSL
  • – DPWS enhancements
  • – Big Endian support

We don’t have any dates to share yet – but we will have beta firmware for Tahoe-II and Meridian/P as soon as we are able.

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Do you know when you’ll have 4.1 support on the TahoeII yet?

Hopefully later this week. We have it running but there are a couple more things to fix before we can release something.

That’s great news. I flew to Poland (from Ireland) for a holiday and brought VStudio2k10, some XBee modules, and the TahoeII with me but have nothing to play with yet. VStudio2k8 will take a day to download from MSDN on the dodgy wifi in the shopping centre I’m on. So, fingers crossed you get those issues resolved soon :D

Hurry up a ground station is waiting :)