Supporting a new LCD

Supporting a different LCD on the Tahoe-II (and MeridianCPU) has just become a whole lot easier thanks to Jan Kucera and a new configuration tool he has released.

The .NET Micro Framework includes a dedicated space for configuration data, and we use this to store the LCD configuration (and a few other things).  This new tool allows you to setup the LCD parameters from a PC.  This means you don’t have to use the porting kit if all you need is a different display.

You can also:

  • Specify screen rotation
  • Choose to show or hide the logo (if you have the porting kit and BSP you will be able to change the logo)
  • Remove the green debug text that appears at startup.
  • Setup the debug transport (Serial, USB or Ethernet).  Useful for Meridian/P where there are no buttons programed for this task.
Universal Configuration Tool in Template view

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