DPWS on Tahoe (and new features!)

We have just released new firmware for the TAHOE_NET and TAHOE-II boards.   Download it here.
The main reason for this release was to fix a networking bug that prevented DPWS working.  However, we also slipped in a couple of new features:

Access to the i.MXS registers
You can now read and write to the registers on the processor to setup features that we don’t directly support.   You need to install a new version of the SDK to gain access to this feature.

Debug Transport Selection
We have enabled serial and TCP/IP for the download/debug transport.  To select a new transport, hold down the following button and press reset:

  • SW2 for serial
  • SW3 for USB
  • SW4 for Ethernet (TCP/IP)

You only need to do this once.  The new settings are stored in flash.

There are a couple of limitations:
1. The Firmware Update application only supports USB, do you need to change back to that before you do an update.
2. TCP/IP is not supported for the bootloader (for security reasons). If you want to change anything that uses the bootloader (network settings or USB name for example), you need to switch to serial or USB first.

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