Announcing the Tahoe-II Development Kit!

We are very pleased to announce that we have a new dev kit coming in a few weeks time!

The Tahoe-II is a sequel to the very popular original kit.  It retains the Meridian CPU at the core, and still includes lots of way to prototype new devices.  There is of course, lots of new stuff on board too!  This version has a larger LCD screen (3.5″ with touch!), along with Ethernet and an Accelerometer on-board.  Other features include an SD card slot for memory cards and a socket for an XBee wireless module.  The product page has more details.

Expect to see this kit available at our distributors from early November.
If you live outside areas covered by our distributors, you can pre-order from our web shop now!
And the price – US$399.  Same as the original Tahoe!

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