The Tahoe development platform provides an ideal development system for the Meridian CPU and the .NET Micro Framework.  The platform includes:

  • Meridian CPU with .NET Micro Framework
  • 2.7 inch LCD
  • Push Buttons (9) (5 arranged in classic NSEW with center pattern)
  • DB-9 serial
  • Easy access to all Meridian CPU signals through 0.1" pin-headers
  • SDK with customized emulator for .NET Micro Framework
  • Lot's of sample code, including custom emulator extensions and managed drivers



Networking comes to the Tahoe Development Board.

Take advantage of the new networking features in version 2.5 of the .NET Micro Framework with this add-on board. 

Networking is supported in a special build of the Tahoe firmware.  

3D Accelerometer

Attach an accelerometer to the Tahoe!  

Check out the lab and ball-in-maze game for details on writing applications for this board.